Happiness is contagious experiment: walked through chinatown with a big smile on my face saying hello to every person I walked passed. 90 percent of people all stopped and smiled right back :)

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Happiness Factory Update: 11am. Coronas, Juanes on blast, binding Donna Karans’s Book of Happiness, Cafe Habana lunch on the way. Smiles all around from nigeria, korea, pakistan, argentina and france

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Dancing through life painting every steppp

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“A free man is free even in the darkest prison”

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Incredible NYC sunset.

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Sajksjdbs esquina mr H skdkkdjkoie eskjdsd dssdhjdh sishsd

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One of the most profound meditative and enlightening experiences of my 31 years. Speechless. Life changing. In awe. Tumbling down the rabbit hole.

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We all know our friends and family well. But do we know their ever changing, growing definitions of happiness? Ask the question “what is your happiness? What is happiness to you?” I have been amazed at some of the answers people closet to me have given.

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Art gallery hopping day 10 down 3 to go

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Woke up with shorts on, one sock, looks like the hotel room in the movie the hangover. Yes there is a live animal clearly it was a slumber party and a good one cuz I do not remember half the people sleeping here :)

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